Building any SaaS business with ease

DRY (Don't repeat yourself) for developing the same features over and over again. Let building any SaaS platform in a week instead of months with SaaSKit.

✨ Over 28 features

It saves you a lot of time for not re-implement the same boilerplate code.

Ruby on Rails 6

SaaSkit is based on latest rails 6 rc1. That means you can now leverage new shine rails features like actiontext, actionmailbox.


All the JS libraries are already integrated well with webpack, so feel free to import any modern JS libraries as other new kid does.


Don't waste time to implement SPA while you have a choice to apply the sprinkle JS effect with our pre-made stimulus controllers.


We handcrafted all ui components based on tailwindcss and result is it bring us a highly customizable design without fighting to override other css.

Landing Pages

SaaSKit not restricted to provide boilerplate backend code only. We even offer eye-catching landing pages for you to put your SaaS in day one.

Authentication Pro

Well integrated with Devise to provide email authentication, email confirmation, forget password and account unlock features.

Social Login Pro

By utilizing omniauth authentication, Facebook login is supported out of the box. It's easy to extend it to support more providers as you wish.

User Impersonation Pro

It's a handy feature to support your customers without asking their login credential every time to log in their account for supporting.

Dashboards Pro

User and admin dashboards are off-the-shelf provided which saves you a lot of time for not design and coding your dashboard from the stretch.

User Onboarding Pro

For helping your client to know more about your platform, we integrate user onboarding workflow, a helpful feature that every saas business must have.

Teams Pro

Like Github, teams is the core concept in the SaaS platform. It allows you to add your team members and share resources within the same scope.

Role-Based Permission Pro

Well, integrate rolify and pundit gems, so that you can easily restrict the resource access per each role-based permission rules.

Subscription Pro

As it's the core feature for every SaaS business, our platform is designed to support each team to have one or more subscriptions.

Payments Pro

SaaS businesses are not limited to subscription billing. Sometimes we want to charge a one-time fee only. No worry, we got this cover as well.

Coupons Pro

There is no doubt everyone like discounts and coupons, so we already integrate it into our subscription billing and one-time payments workflow.

Invoices Pro

Your customer can download their PDF invoices right inside the platform, besides it even send the monthly or one time invoices to your client e-mails automatically.

Stripe Pro

It's the core payment gateway that we use for the subscription billing and one-time payments features. Now integrate the payment gateway is like a piece of cake.

Braintree/Paypal Pro

As stripe does not support all countries in the world, that why we also integrate Braintree as it supports PayPal out of the box.

API Support Pro

Want to connect SaaSKit with your javascript or mobile clients. No problem, we already covered this and included all API interfaces for you.

Announcements Pro

Create announcements and notify your customers about any new features or updates. Keep them updated, and they will appreciate this.

Mailing List Subscription

Easy to add a mailing list subscription to any page you want. Now supporting MailChimp, and more providers will be added soon.

Email Templates Pro

We pre-designed email templates for use as transactional emails. So it will save you hours or days without design from the stretch.

Mailer Pro

You can now set up the mail providers by using our pre-configured mail settings. Right now, we are supporting Mailgun, Postmark, Sendgrid and mandrill.

Analytics Pro

We already pre-configured several analytics providers, including Google analytics, simple analytics, and segment. Just pick one, and you can start tracking right away.

Error Logging Pro

Stop hoping your users will report errors. Use one of the pre-configured error logging services to monitor and fix crashes in real time.

Custom Error Pages Pro

We re-designed the custom error pages for you. Besides, you can even further customize those error pages to match your branding.

Test Coverage Pro

We write tests to keep the SaaSKit codebase healthy. Besides this, we even provide Minitest or RSpec for you to choose. Just pick the one you like and get started.

Deployment Pro

Deploying SaaSKit to the cloud is just a piece of cake. We will guide you through to deploy your saaskit to AWS, Google Cloud, or even digital ocean if you want a predictable fee.

🚗 Want a test drive?

It's just one command to get started!


rails new appname --database=postgresql -m ^6000

💵 A lifetime of SaaSKit with a year of updates

Pick a single license for one site or unlimited licenses if you want to use it with multiple sites.


Perfect for creating a startup landing page with MailChimp mailing list subscription.

  • ✅ Ruby on Rails 6
  • ✅ Stimulus and Tailwind integration
  • ✅ Eye-catching Landing Pages
  • ✅ Mailing List Subscription

🏬 Pro

Perfect for rails developers or makers who want to start SaaS platforms with a short period.

Early bird price
$199   $ 99
  • ✅ All features listed in OSS
  • ✅ Authentication
  • ✅ Teams
  • ✅ Role-Based Permission
  • ✅ Subscription
  • ✅ Payments
  • ✅ Coupons
  • More Features ️️☝️

🏢 Unlimited Pro

Perfect for agencies or entrepreneurs who have multiple projects need to meet the deadline.

Early bird price
$799   $ 399
  • ✅ All features listed in Pro
  • ✅ Unlimited Sites

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